15 oz MotorKote Smoke Stopper

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15 oz MotorKote Smoke Stopper
  • MotorKote Smoke Stopper is formulated to help:

    • Stop oil burning and excessive exhaust smoke
    • Seal empty spaces and reduces friction
    • Quiet noisy lifters and decreases engine noise
    • Lower emissions and harmful pollutants
    • Improve compression and restores performance



    Use at each oil change. Run the engine at idle for 5 minutes to warm the engine. Remove the oil filler cap and pour one bottle of Smoke Stopper into the crankcase. Do not overfill. If smoking occurs between oil changes, maintain the engine by adding a sufficient amount of Smoke Stopper to control emissions. Caution: Only add this product to an engine that is running at its normal operating temperature.


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