16 oz MotorKote Low Sulfur Lube

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16 oz MotorKote Low Sulfur Lubricant
  • MOTORKOTE Low Sulfur Lubricant totally cleans the fuel injection system and carburetors in diesel engines and restores lost fuel pump lubrication to your system.

    Formulated to address the Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel (ULSD) Issues of diminishing quality diesel fuel.



    • Lubricates restores lost lubrication to fuel pump

    • Decreases Ignition Delay and improves startup

    • Reduces carbon build up the cause of: Pre-ignition, power loss, burned valves, broken rings

    • Adds horsepower and torque

    • Increases fuel efficiency and raises cetane

    • Cleans injectors to Reduce: Power loss, hesitations, pinging/dieseling, loss of fuel economy

    Safe for all engines and will not void warranties.


    Add 1 oz per 10 gal of diesel fuel every 3rd fill-up.  1 16 oz bottle treats 160 gallons of diesel fuel

    Can be used with MotorKote Fuel Optimizer in Diesel engines, alternate products between fill-ups.

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