Catalytic & Exhaust Treatment

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16 oz MotorKote Catalytic & Exhaust Treatment
  • Formulated to protect and treat the Catalytic Converter & Exhaust System from oil poisons. This will aid in reducing the carbon footprint of your vehicle and improving overall performance; helping to  increase fuel efficiency, and protect your converter. 



    • Use when warning light is activated
    • Use before or prior to replacing catalytic converter
    • Protects catalytic system from oil poisons
    • Reduces phosphorus & zinc retention levels at catalyst inlet
    • Helps clean oxygen ( O2 ) sensor(s)
    • Lowers tail pipe emissions
    • Works great for P0420 Catalytic Converter Code


    Add full bottle into 16 gallons of fuel or 1 oz. per gallon. 

    Last up to 6 months or 7,000 miles (which ever comes first.)

    This gasoline additive is safe for use in all gasoline engines, all catalytic converters and oxygen sensors, when used as directed.

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