MotorKote Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer


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MotorKote® Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer - 1 QT / 32 FL OZ  (946 mL)

ITEM # MK-50960-06

  • Helps Eliminate Dry Starts
  • Reduces Smoking, Knocking & Oil Consumption in Worn Engines
  • Compatible With Synthetic & Non-synthetic Automotive Lubricants
  • Uses Cold Fusion Technology
  • Can Be Used in Conjunction with Motorkote® Hyper Lubricant
  • 100% pure petroleum product increases oils viscosity and is safe in all gasoline and diesel engines while adding lubricity to any type of oil. Using MotorKote Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer regularly will help extend engine life, resist thermal breakdown, lower oil temperatures, raise oil pressure and reduce oil consumption and improve fuel economy. Cold Fusion Technology is an advanced pour point depressant that allows for better flow and performance during lower temperatures. 


    ENGINE OIL CRANKCASE: 1 quart with every 4 quarts motor oil 

    FREQUENCY OF USE: Every oil change


    Contains: Blend of Petroleum Oils. First Aid Treatment: If Swallowed: Do NOT induce vomiting. If affected person is fully conscious, give one glass of water to drink. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Get medical attention if symptoms appear. In Eyes: Flush eyes for 30 minutes with water. Get medical attention if irritation persists. On Skin: Remove contaminated shoes and clothing and cleanse affected area(s) thoroughly by washing with mild soap and water or a waterless hand cleaner. If irritation or redness develops and persists, seek medical attention. If Inhaled: Move exposed persons to fresh air. Consult medical personnel if breathing issues occur. Safety Data Sheet available upon request.

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