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  • "My miles per gallon since adding Motorkote are 10.2, a substantial savings in a Freightliner. I'm using 648 gal less fuel saving over $972.00 on a typical run. Nine units on the road every day really ads up."- Michael, OH

  • "...This product keeps my engine cool and running at its peak. I believe in this product so much that i use it in every oil change which turns out to be once a month. There is nothing like it on the market. I’ve tried Lucas products and others but Motorkote beats them all. I will use no other."- Joe Traft

  • "Stiction? Never heard of it until I had an injector start to fail. Put in the MotorKote Stiction Remover, 128 ounces (2 bottles) as directed and drove the truck as normal for around 4,100 miles. Put it back on the computer and No more Injector Failure. Saved me tons of money from replacing a Injector that was only gummed up (Stiction). I now know what STICTION is and the value of treating your engine with this product. I now use the MK Stiction Remover along with the MK Hyper Lube in my routine maintenance program."- Jason Poat

  • "I just wanted to say that my big truck has done just super with Motorkote. I have 912,689 miles on the engine. I pull 80,000lbs just about every load on mountain roads. I don't need to buy a new truck this year, I will get two or three hundred thousand miles more out of this engine, and the 13-speed tyranny still runs smooth as well."- Tom, CA

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