1. Large engines
  2. Small engines ā€“ 2 & 4 cycle
  3. Motorcycles / Dirtbikes
  4. Transmissions
  5. Transfer cases
  6. Differentials
  7. Winches
  8. Power steering
  9. Hydraulics
  10. Industrial machinery
  11. Grease
  12. Electrical motors
  13. Squeak reducer
  14. Household lubricant
  15. Rust inhibitor
  16. Bearings / roller bearings
  17. Chain lube
  18. Gun oil
  19. Cutting oil
  20. Small gas / electric tools
  21. Boats
  22. Snowmobiles
  23. Semitrucks
  24. ATVs
  25. RVs
  26. Golf carts
  27. Jet ski
  28. Bicycles
  29. Model engine lube
  30. Door / lock lube
  31. Air tools
  32. Oil injectors
  33. Water repellant
  34. Saw blade lube
  35. Electrical / hand scissor lube
  36. Turbines
  37. Skateboards and roller skate wheels
  38. Disposal grinder lubrican
  39. Scooters
  40. Lawn equipment
  41. Window locks/ metal components
  42. Fishing equipment (reels)
  43. keep grass from sticking on mower decks
  44. Keeps tools rust free
  45. Lubricates nails / spikes to drive into wood
  46. Keeps drill bits sharp
  47. Keeps dirt from sticking to shovels
  48. Keeps wheels turning smoothly
  49. Lubricate hinges
  50. Keeps all types of saw blades sharp and rust free
  51. Keeps industrial fans turning more freely
  52. Keeps moisture from electric tools, wiring
  53. Makes drawer slides work easier
  54. Keeps ax blades sharp and rust free
  55. Stops door hinges from squeaking, makes doors open easier
  56. Keeps metal furniture from rusting
  57. Stops wood floors from squeaking
  58. Lubricate vacuum cleaner wheels
  59. Put on outdoor grill hinges/wheels to keep from rusting
  60. Makes zippers work easier/ stops sticking
  61. Makes dead bolt locks work better
  62. Keeps car battery cables from corroding / oxidation
  63. Keeps car locks from freezing in winter
  64. Keeps auto antenna from sticking
  65. Keeps rust out of a truck bed / dirt from sticking
  66. Keeps seat belts working freely/ properly
  67. Prevents rust on under carriage of vehicles
  68. Keeps switches working freely
  69. Keeps snow from sticking on snow plow blades
  70. Keeps boat trailer winch working freely
  71. Keeps boat anchor from picking up mud
  72. Keeps boat fittings from rusting
  73. Lubricates boat shafts and propellers
  74. Keeps propellers sharp
  75. Makes boat steering systems work freely
  76. Lubricate license plate bolts to keep from rusting/ freezing
  77. Lubricate soap box derby wheel shafts to run faster
  78. Lubricates motorcycle chains
  79. Lubricate butterfly valves
  80. Lubricate convertible tops (metal parts)
  81. lubricate car jacks to keep from rusting
  82. Free stuck shafts or frozen parts
  83. Free rusted / frozen parts

MotorKote Uses

  1. Use to make hard to fit parts go together easier
  2. Keeps debris from collecting on farm machinery
  3. Protects wheel barrow beds from rust or sticking debris
  4. Keeps hoof tools sharper longer
  5. Keeps windmills operating more freely
  6. Lubricate chain drives on farm machinery
  7. Lubricate gears on caterpillar drives
  8. Loosens sticking piano keys
  9. Un sticks parts on musical instruments
  10. Makes sled and toboggan rails slicker and perform better
  11. Makes knife blades stay sharp and cut better
  12. Makes latches work better, longer
  13. Makes cables and pulleys on artificial limbs work better
  14. Makes bowling balls more slippery
  15. Keeps basketball rims and chain nets from rusting
  16. Keeps mud off shoe cleats
  17. Hinges and locks on mobile emergency vehicle stretchers
  18. Boat bimini cover hinges
  19. Clock works
  20. On/ off switches
  21. Vending machines
  22. Musical instruments, valves, slides, frees stuck parts
  23. Frees sticking calculator buttons
  24. Guitars tuning gears
  25. Hinges on metal cages
  26. Shopping cart wheels
  27. Emergency brake handle
  28. Latches & wheels work better on luggage
  29. Wood shapers, splitters, chippers
  30. Kitchen cutters, choppers,
  31. springs on garage doors
  32. Amusement park rides
  33. Piano strings & stuck keys
  34. Elevator parts, cables, doors, engines
  35. Tip of ball point pin to stop sticking
  36. On top of car windows to keep from sticking
  37. Umbrellas
  38. Hedge clippers stay sharper longer, work easier
  39. Free up & keep free stuck weather vanes
  40. Lubricates lawn fertilizer equipment
  41. Makes trailer hitches work easer / keeps ball from rusting
  42. Makes keys work and not bind in cylinders
  43. Lubricates car knobs
  44. Helps remove broken keys from locks
  45. Makes folding chairs work easier/including lawn furniture
  46. Makes boot zippers work easier & last longer
  47. Makes combination locks work easier
  48. Keeps all types of needles from rusting
  49. Makes slot cars run faster
  50. Lubricates sewing machines
  51. Makes hole diggers work easier
  52. Takes squeaks out of bed springs and frame
  53. Keeps snow & ice off areas / lights, bumpers, mirrors etc
  54. Makes garden & other hose connections easier and tighter
  55. Keeps broken machinery running until repairs can be made
  56. Air conditioner pumps, fans run and work easier
  57. Lubrication for fine antique watches
  58. Reduces friction on model rocket launchers
  59. Makes sailboat rigging perform better & reduce corrosion
  60. Makes a lawn edger work easier and stay sharp longer
  61. Makes lawn sprinklers work easier & perform better
  62. Frees sticking tv and other remote keys
  63. Frees and keeps RV retractable awnings working / prevents rusting
  64. Un sticks Christmas tree bulbs
  65. Fire and rescue heavy duty cutting tools cut better/stronger
  66. Makes convertible tops work better, stops squeaks, rattles
  67. Makes power outside mirrors perform better in cold
  68. Sun roofs & moon roofs openā€”close, seal better, stops leaks
  69. Recondition battery operated hand tools (saws all, drills, grinders)
  70. free sticking small machinery, automated cigarette machine
  71. Stops glove box rattles
  72. Stops rattles and squeaks in car windows, doors & rubber seals
  73. Stops car roof & windows from leaking going through a car wash
  74. Stop noise vibrations around car speakers when in operation
  75. Outdoor lamps with screw on covers unscrew easily to change bulbs
  76. Power turns over engines in extreme cold or prolonged sitting
  77. Frees fifth wheels stuck from old grease build-up
  78. Helps remove spray paint and graffiti
  79. Apply to end of light bulbs to screw in and remove without breaking
  80. Keep mud flaps from collecting dirt also reduces friction, saves fuel
  81. Small compressors for inflatables run smoother with less effort
  82. Makes a telegraph key perform smoother and better
  83. Add to headset connectors, makes them perform better