Hyper Lubricant

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Pour in your winter protection.
Winter is Here. Are you MotorKote Ready?
Engine Fuel
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Motor Treatment
Can be used in all gas, diesel, ethanol fuels, and in engine oil crankcases.
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What Our Customers Say About Us Matters

As a former mechanic and a big rig owner I always recommend Motorkote products! I use their products in all my vehicles.”

Todd S.

After trying this product I noticed a greater degree of smoothness and the engine ran a lot quieter. I seemed to get better mileage on trips, but the biggest benefit is in cold start ups. I didn't hesitate to use it in my diesel tractor and diesel mower along with other small engines on the farm. I think this product is a must have for fleet maintenance.”

Roderick C.

Have been using for two years and has actually saved my truck engine when it lost a lower radiator hose and all water, engine went well beyond the danger point and this stuff saved my engine.”

Charles M.