Test Results

About the Falex-Timken Testing Machine

MotorKote® Hyper Lubricant® is an extreme pressure additive especially designed for use in lubrication systems that need extra protection due to friction-related heat, high-wear conditions and stress applications. A simple and effective demonstration has been devised to accomplish this: The demonstration incorporates the use of an ASTM (American Society of Testing Methods) Falex-Timken Bearing tester that measures in foot/pounds the amount of torque required to determine the weld point of each competing lubricant. Each product can be tested separately by pouring it directly onto the spinning wheel/race, made of Timken hardened steel. When conducting this test, it has been found that all the competitive products performed identically - the bearing stops almost immediately. When MotorKote® Hyper Lubricant® is added, the bearing will spin indefinitely with the maximum amount of weights. This demonstration technique has been successfully used at trade shows, state fairs, retail stores and has consistently produced comparable results.



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YouTuber, Project Farm,Took the resist water washout claim to the extreme. Watch to see the results.
"MotorKote claims that it's not an additive, but rather a friction reducer. The product also claims that even water won't wash it away. In fact, removing metal is the only way to remove MotorKote. So, let's test the claims of this product by pretreating the crankcase with MotorKote and then replacing MotorKote with water to see if the engine will survive for an entire hour without any damage."