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My miles per gallon since adding Motorkote are 10.2, a substantial savings in a Freightliner. I'm using 648 gal less fuel saving over $972.00 on a typical run. Nine units on the road every day really adds up."

Michael / Ohio

...This product keeps my engine cool and running at its peak. I believe in this product so much that i use it in every oil change which turns out to be once a month. There is nothing like it on the market. I’ve tried Lucas products and others but Motorkote beats them all. I will use no other."

Joe Traft

I just wanted to say that my big truck has done just super with Motorkote. I have 912,689 miles on the engine. I pull 80,000lbs just about every load on mountain roads. I don't need to buy a new truck this year, I will get two or three hundred thousand miles more out of this engine, and the 13-speed tyranny still runs smooth as well."

Tom / California

I have a 1992 GMC Sonoma 2.8l, i run around town on a daily basis and was averaging 15-17mpg (i know it's not good lol), i used this motorkote in the engine my previous oil change and after about 2000miles since then i have went threw multiple tanks of gas i have averaged 18-19mpg not even driving differently at all in town. i have 253,000 miles on the engine and it ran great before and still does now and doesn't use any oil. i also added this to my manual transmission and haven't really noticed anything different with smoother shifts or anything, but doesn't mean it's not working. so far though i would say it's been a great product. if you haven't seen projectfarms YouTube video and a skeptic on "oil additives" that claim they do this or that this guy tests them all out and unbiased and doesn't take sponsorship from any of the companys."

Wesley Johnson