Winter is coming for you... Are you MotorKote ready?

You know when MotorKote works best? When you need to count on it for extreme conditions. Remember last summer when it got really hot? You were MotorKoted- no problem. The next extreme, it’s on its way. Winter is closing in. When that temperature drops MotorKote makes your ride, the one you count on, startup easier with less strain on vital parts and help that battery you’re trying to make last, make it. Add 2 ounces per quart to any engine, gas or diesel. You don’t need an oil change, add it now so you’ll be protected when the cold hits. You can also put it in the tranny and diffs. Plus, the power steering. Remember MotorKote is America’s number one multi-use friction fighter. Boarder to boarder, coast to coast it’s traveled over one billion miles and is still going strong. It works when you need it, where you need it. Now- you need it