MotorKote Hyper Lubricant Engine Treatment 32 oz

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MotorKote® Hyper Lubricant® is a synthetic lubricant that molecularly coats all metal surfaces, not just engines to help reduce friction and heat in many different applications. Hyper Lubricant® uses engine oil as a carrier host to get to metal parts and bond to metal.


  • Increases horsepower, lowers operating temperatures and helps reduce engine noise and vibration.
  • Specifically formulated for heavy duty high temp engines
  • Works with all brands of synthetic and petroleum based oils
  • Works in gas or diesel engines instantly
  • Works in crankcases, transmissions (except CVTs), differentials and power steering (see usage amounts below)
  • Lasts 4 oil changes, but best fuel economy savings have been noted with more frequent use.
  • We recommend waiting to install Motorkote® Hyper Lubricant® until a period past the new car warranty period. 

Recommended Usage:

• Can be added at anytime not just at oil changes
• 2 oz per qt of oil in engines/crankcases
• 1 oz per qt of fluid for transmissions (except CVTs), differentials and power steering
• 1 oz per qt of fluid in motorcycles 

Do NOT use in:

• Brakes

• Radiators

• CVTs (continuously variable transmissions).

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Darrell M.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Best ever

Fantastic best product ever used

Daniel S.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Exceeded my expectations

I have been hearing about Motorkote on the radio for years. I finally decided it was time to give it a try on my 2001 F350 7.3 diesel with 348,000 miles. I used the hyper lubricant and Stiction Remover in the crank case with an oil change and added the UCL for the fuel tank (upper cylinder lubricant). Almost immediately notice easier starts, increased power, no hesitation, no more smoke. I just filled fuel tank yesterday to check fuel mileage, unbelievable results 3mpg increase! I ordered on line, product arrived very quickly. I just ordered more UCL since my results were so good with first go around. I have never before felt the need to write a review on any product until now. If your thinking about giving motorkote a try just do it, all the results listed above only cost me $66. I am now a customer for life.

Clinton P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

The stuff is amazing I

The stuff is amazing I am glad I am able to actually buy it from the company it self it is awesome stuff.

A Customer
Dustin B.
United States United States

I use it in everything

I use it in everything I own it is really good stuff

A Customer
Dustin B.
United States United States

I use it in everything

I use it in everything I own it is really good stuff

john f.
United States United States

Bi price increase if ordering direct from factory

The product is great...but I just found out that I could have ordered through Amazon Pride and paid only $23 free freight as opposed to $36 ordering directly from you! Wha a rip-off! Although i enjoy the product, I don't enjoy paying an extra $13 when dealing direct. Maybe I'll look at other products in the future from other suppliers.

Jason W.
United States United States

Low on oil so I used MotorKote

WOW! I was low on oil stopped an bought MOTORKOTE yes I saw it on YOUTUBE and my SUV had lifter noise (clatter) , I used 10 ounces then drove to work humm much better the next day I drove 600 miles for a job with 800 pounds of band gear in the rig, after many hours I passed my normal gas stop because I still had a half tank humm? After stopping to get gas at gas light on I found I had driven 348 miles on 15.2 gallons (My normal 300 miles to 15 gallons) It is still running great no lifter noise and I am putting it in all my rigs.

Jason Webb verified customer review of 32 oz MotorKote Hyper Lubricant

Thanks again Jason! Great picture too!

Donald F.

Used for years

I have used MotorKote for years, I don't think there is anything better. I use each oil change and also run fuel cleaner (Optimizer) through all of my equipment.

Clifford C.
United States United States

Hyper, super metal inhibitor, not to be mistakenRT 4 " just a libricant

Back in the 1960's wss a product called " Wynns friction proofing" that performed as well as you test showed. This is much the same and very easy to use. I was a little disapointed your company did not mention its use for automatic handguns & rifles thus making mechanisms smoother. Maybe in this day & age is the reason why. However it is a fine addition for this use. I use it in lawn mowers, generators, all my motorised vehicles. Electric motors also. This is a product everyone should use that wants to extend the life of their investments.

Mike R.
United States United States

I have not used it yet. Will be using it in 30 day and let you know.

The reason I bought it was it is ad recommended by a friend of mine the increase the mileage in my 2018 Thor Freedom Elite.

Lawrence K.
United States United States

Awesome products!!!

I’ve been using the products for 12years in all of my vehicles and equipment. No issues what so ever, I use the lubricant for engine building , best stuff ever!!!

William R.
United States United States

Keep your engine like new

Overall very good. I also use their Upper Cylinder Lube. Keeps the resale value for my vehicles high!

Eddie S.

Runs smoother!

Once I put MotorKote in my 2017 Dodge Ram. I could tell the difference in the truck idling, and running a lot smoother, seems like a bit more Rpms. And also put it in my 2017 VW Passet Realm!

David S.
United States

Real Deal

Motorkote is the real deal, it's not snake oil. You'll notice immediate results like a quieter motor, quicker and easier starting, runs cooler. As far as protection, I've never had any issue on any of the high mileage used cars I put it in.

james t.
United States

32 oz hyper lubricant

I use it for ever thing, my Harley, pickup truck, fishing reels,air tools

Arthur V.
United States