MotorKote Hyper Lubricant Engine Treatment 32 oz

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MotorKote® Hyper Lubricant® is a synthetic lubricant that molecularly coats all metal surfaces, not just engines to help reduce friction and heat in many different applications. Hyper Lubricant® uses engine oil as a carrier host to get to metal parts and bond to metal.


  • Increases horsepower, lowers operating temperatures and helps reduce engine noise and vibration.
  • Specifically formulated for heavy duty high temp engines
  • Works with all brands of synthetic and petroleum based oils
  • Works in gas or diesel engines instantly
  • Works in crankcases, transmissions (except CVTs), differentials and power steering (see usage amounts below)
  • Lasts 4 oil changes, but best fuel economy savings have been noted with more frequent use.
  • We recommend waiting to install Motorkote® Hyper Lubricant® until a period past the new car warranty period. 

Recommended Usage:

• Can be added at anytime not just at oil changes
• 2 oz per qt of oil in engines/crankcases
• 1 oz per qt of fluid for transmissions (except CVTs), differentials and power steering
• 1 oz per qt of fluid in motorcycles 

Do NOT use in:

• Brakes

• Radiators

• CVTs (continuously variable transmissions).

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George D.
United States United States
I recommend this product

The best product

After watching project farm on YouTube I decided to give it a try so far absolutely fantastic thank you very much

larry s.
United States United States
I recommend this product

great oil

i allways add to my oil changes

mark p.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Since the Start

I've used Motorkote since the very first oil change in my brand new 2007 Chevy Silverdo. Still going strong at 250k miles. Use in all my motor products. And the spray in everything else!!! mp

Steve F.
United States United States

Can't beat this stuff!

I have used motorkote for many years oh, but this is the first time I ordered it from the website do to finding it in the stores as hard

Pasquale G.
United States United States

customer service/lack of !

I only used the catalytic converter product once, and no positive results yet...I will use more over and over anyway. The Hyper Lub...I haven't used it yet however I will. My real problem is I can't get in touch with anyone for help with questions from MotorKote.

עמירם ב.
Israel Israel

Unfortunately, I haven't received the product yet

Unfortunately, I haven't received the product yet

Doug B.

Water Pump Blues

I'm not a mechanic but I've heard my share of water pumps going bad so I ordered a new one to replace it when it failed. Keeping an eye on the temperature gauge, I drove for four and half more months before taking it to my mechanic. The water pump was fine: it was the OIL pump that had failed. So I regularly drove a 2000 model Motorkote treated car with 192,000 miles on it for EIGHTEEN WEEKS with no oil circulating in the crankcase! Now of course I had to replace the engine BUT unbelievable Mr. Motorkote, unbelievable.

jeffrey m.
United States United States

This stuff is great

Started using years ago and I won't use anything else

United States United States

Excellent Product

I have seen this product tested on a Timken Bearing Tester many years ago. It beat all the competition.

Jonathan G.
United States United States

Excellent product

Worked just as advertised and that's amazing

Gary H.
United States United States

Lifetime user

Been using this liquid gold for years. Use it in everything mechanical I own. Great satisfaction listening to the purr of an engine with Motorkote. Keep up the great work. Thanks

Patt W.
United States United States

already has increased my MPG

already has increased my MPG

Todd B.
United States United States

Great product

I've been using this product in anything that is a motor for years. My vehicles have never had any motor issues.

james r.
United States United States

works great

makes the engine run smoother and quieter. also getting better fuel milage

claude c.
United States United States


i put two ounces of hyper lubricant in my np 203 transfer case that's in my 1974 blazer and I noticed right away it ran something must be happening.

Bill H.
United States United States

Helps every thing I put it in

My John Deere 777 zero turn had a squeal in the hydrostatic steering. Put Motorkote in the resovor. It stopped squealing.