MotorKote Hyper Lubricant Engine Treatment 10 oz

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MotorKote® Hyper Lubricant® is a synthetic lubricant that molecularly coats all metal surfaces, not just engines to help reduce friction and heat in many different applications. Hyper Lubricant® uses engine oil as a carrier host to get to metal parts and bond to metal.


  • Increases horsepower, lowers operating temperatures and helps reduce engine noise and vibration.
  • Specifically formulated for heavy duty high temp engines
  • Works with all brands of synthetic and petroleum based oils
  • Works in gas or diesel engines instantly
  • Works in crankcases, transmissions (except CVTs), differentials and power steering (see usage amounts below)
  • Lasts 4 oil changes, but best fuel economy savings have been noted with more frequent use.
  • We recommend waiting to install Motorkote® Hyper Lubricant® until a period past the new car warranty period. 

Recommended Usage:

• Can be added at anytime not just at oil changes
• 2 oz per qt of oil in engines/crankcases
• 1 oz per qt of fluid for transmissions (except CVTs), differentials and power steering
• 1 oz per qt of fluid in motorcycles


Do NOT use in:

• Brakes

• Radiators

• CVTs (continuously variable transmissions).

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A Customer
Wendell O.
United States United States

Because I am still useing it in both cars.

United States United States
Great product

Added to two riding and one push mowers! Seemed to not run as hot. Sprayed the sliding glass door track- open and close with one finger!

Drew E.
United States United States
New customer user

I've bought 3 10oz. bottles and put them in all three of my family's vehicles. I can truly say that my miles per gallon on my Jeep 2.0L engine are back to the mileage I was getting 2 years ago. Approximately 4 more miles per gallon. On my wife's Toyota 3.3L V-6 is getting 2 more miles per gallon. My son just added MotorKote to his Ford Fusion yesterday so it will need a tankful of gas to see if his mileage improves. Thank you for an excellent product. I will be a new loyal customer.

Bob C.
United States United States
Hyper lubrications

I have been using motor kote for several years now. I put it in all my vehicles. I think it is what keeps my old Jeep with 331,000 miles on it going. Bob

Bill R.
United States United States
Consistant performance

I always get a slight increase in performance when using Motorkote in my truck's engine. I use a magnetic drain plug, and the last time I changed oil there was hardly any metal on the magnet. This is one indication of very low wear.